Anton Bauer Power Belt

Anton Bauer SO-30/13 Snap-On Gold-Mount Power Belt

Product Description

The Anton Bauer SnapOn3013 is a wide leather belt with two Gold Mount battery mounts built-in. A control module allows the operator to switch between 30 and 13 volts for a wide variety of applications.

Note: Not for use with 12 VDC Batteries

13 Volts
Standard 4-Pin XLR
In the 13 volt mode the batteries are in parallel providing extended run times for any 12 volt portable device such as cameras, VTRs and 12 volt lights.
30 Volts
The 30 volt mode supplies a higher parallel output for applications including, powering an HMI ballast.
Control Module
Features a Voltage Indicator, dual voltage switch and 10 amp circuit breaker.