FSB 6 Tri

Sachtler FSB 6 MD Tripod System

Product Description

The System FSB 6 T MD (0442) from Sachtler is a complete, bundled tripod system. This kit consists of a fluid head, tripod, spreader, and carrying case.

FSB 6 T Fluid Head
The FSB 6 is designed for all users of MiniDV and (H)DV cameras. This fluid head supports payloads ranging from 2.2 to 13.2 lbs (1 to 6kg). It is the only head in its class to feature Sachtler’s Snap & Go sideload mechanism, which offers a large sliding range of 4.7″ (120 mm) and 10-step counterbalance. This functionality ensures extremely fine and fast balancing. It also has three horizontal and three vertical grades of drag plus 0. Damping is based on the same construction principles of larger Sachtler heads.
ENG 75/2 D Tripod
This tripod features the Touch & Go system to enable fast changeover, so camera operators can go from using the tripod to shooting from the shoulder within a matter of seconds. In combination with fluid head FSB 6, this tripod system is ideal for MiniDV camcorders starting from around 2