Panasonic SDX 900

Product Description

The Panasonic AJ SDX900 camcorder is there to meet your everyday video recording needs. The Panasonic camcorder is a standard definition camcorder that is capable of image capturing at 24 and 30 frames per second with progressive scan and 60 fields per second with interlaced scan. Allowing recording in aspect ratios of 16×9 or 4×3, this SDX900 handycam is versatile. Featuring 2/3 inch 520,000 pixel IT progressive scan CCDs, the Panasonic camcorder allows low to high intensity light filming. This SDX900 handycam incorporates 12-bit A/D DSP signal processing circuits that helps tweak specific color and alter luminance without altering the picture at large. The outstanding picture quality along with the digital audio recording makes the Panasonic AJ SDX900 Camcorder versatile and flexible for all types of filming.