Sony NEX-FS700

Product Description






  • 4K Super 35mm CMOS image sensor
  • Records 4K, 12-bit RAW at up to 60fps to AXS recorder
  • Records 2K, 12-bit RAW at up to 240fps to AXS recorder
  • Simultaneously records 4K/2K RAW externally and 1080p AVCHD internally
  • HFR RAW is recorded at full resolution without windowing the image sensor
  • 4K RAW burst recording at 120fps for 3.75 seconds
  • 1080p burst recording at up to 240 fps for 8 seconds
  • Lower resolution burst recording at up to 960fps for 19 seconds
  • S-Log2
  • 800% ITU709 gamma curves
  • Cinegamma modes that allow “baked in camera” looks
  • Three built-in ND filters (2/4/6 stops)
  • Comes with EF Mount Metabones Adapter